8 Quotes from Alice Through the Looking Glass that You Should Apply to Your Business

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I’d merely hoped for an evening of escape fueled by vivid color, lucid imagination, and tea with the Hatter, but found myself incessantly drawn to the wisdom woven throughout Alice Through the Looking Glass. The film is driven by humor, wit, and charming banter but I must share a few hidden gems - eight quotes that you should apply to your business…

"The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible."

Every creative entrepreneur is trying to do what has not been done or attempting to advance upon a seemingly impossible solution. I hope this quote inspires you to pursue the impossible by first believing it is possible.

"Everyone parts with everything eventually my dear." Time

Time spoke these words to Alice regarding her father's pocket watch - her "fallen soldier." The quote offers entrepreneurs a great lesson regarding sacrifice. It is indeed inevitable that we part with possessions, people, perceptions and much more as we advance our business. It's best to eliminate unwarranted sentimentality and to anticipate the plentiful sacrifices that entrepreneurship require.

"Seconds into Minutes." Alice

In Alice Through the Looking Glass, Time is assisted by clumsy, mechanical creatures called Seconds. Seconds are frequently overlooked and Time refers to them as idiots but when they merge together to become Minutes they prove to be ferocious and formidable. The same can be said of real time. Managed well time can be our ally, but once it gets away from us, time is a formidable, uncompromising foe. Every second counts. The best way to manage time is to stay ahead of it.

"I have always wondered when soon is." The Hatter
"If you vex me, it will be an eternity." Time

The Hatter and his riotous crew have tea with Time as he anxiously awaits the return of Alice. After a series of time-centric jokes, Time gets particularly agitated by Hatter’s taunting and says “If you vex me, it will be an eternity.”

Just beneath the humor of this scene lies a great lesson for entrepreneurs: Develop a strong team and do not vex potential partners. Accommodate new resources according to their potential and whenever possible pursue opportunities to cooperate and collaborate.

“Hatting is serious business. I can't have his frivolous ideas keep him from his true potential." Zanik Hightopp

Zanik Hightopp spoke these words in reference to his son - Tarrant Hightopp, the Mad Hatter, had produced a small yet fanciful blue hat with feathers that differed greatly from the standard silhouette produced by his father. While I do not encourage creative entrepreneurs to stifle their creativity, it is very important to edit. Creativity and innovation are valuable but not every idea should be pursued. It is far better to analyze and refine each idea then focus solely on those that drive business forward. Every idea pursued should accomplish a specific goal. Anything less is frivolous and forgettable.

"We'll split up together." The Tweedles

While this statement from Tweedledee to Tweedledum (or was it Tweedledum to Tweedledee - who knows!?!) expressed fear as they entered the Red Queen's bug-infested lair, we must admit that there is some degree of assurance acquired when approaching a challenging situation with a trusted partner. Their statement highlights the value of a strong team.

But how does a team split up together? Everyone cannot and should not do everything but everyone can contribute. Distributing responsibilities among the team allows each individual to perform according to their strengths. Adequate delegation better equips every team member to serve well within their respective role and consequently, make a more significant contribution the collective good. So says the old adage: Divide and conquer. 

"You did it Alice, an impossible thing." Mallymkun, the Dormouse, to Alice

Establish specific and measurable goals, work hard to accomplish them, and honor yourself when you do. Entrepreneurship is tough so take a moment to celebrate your victories. Find joy in having done an impossible thing.

"Time waits for no man. Or indeed, woman." Alice as she board her ship.

Why wait? Remember, every second counts.