Three of the Best Ways to Love Your Brand

Image: Ashley Ella Design

We have heard time and time again that commitment and consistency are essential to building a strong relationship. Well the same is true of building a successful brand. It is my hope that the pointers outlined below will renew your commitment to success and inspire you to love your brand...

Spend time together.

As mentioned, business growth requires consistency and commitment so be sure to put in the work. You can't expect marriage results from a one night stand, right? So commit to spending dedicated and uninterrupted time each week working in and on your brand. Even if you have other obligations such as a full-time job or a demanding family, it is very important to prioritize and commit to your business the time and effort that it requires.


The foundation of any great relationship lies in communication. Your business and brand are communicating with you and it’s important for you to listen. How is your business communicating? Through its metrics. Take some time to determine you goals and define them in ways that are tangible and measurable. Once you’ve determined the goals or metrics that you and your business are discussing, set up analytics and trackers that enable you to listen. Follow up by assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and then strategize your next steps accordingly.

Make it official.

When you are in a committed relationship it's time to change your status from Single or the dreaded It's Complicated purgatory to In a Relationship. Well, the same is true in business. Update your status with fresh brand collateral. Create business cards, your website, and engaging social media content that reflect the commitment you’ve made to your brand. Continue to grow with and within your business. Though it may not be perfect, your brand should be presentable and shared with the world when it is equipped to serve as designed.

+ Keep it spicy.

Here’s an extra tip that entrepreneurs overlook frequently but I have found to be imperative: Stay inspired and engaged so that you can better serve your business and your brand. Keep it spicy by purposefully seeking opportunities and education that boost your creativity and encourage innovation. Sometimes keeping it spicy may also mean stepping away. Do things that may not be directly related to your business but renew your mind and add value to you as a person.

Building a successful fashion brand requires commitment and consistency.