What I Learned From Fashion Revolution Week 2016

Fashion Revolution Week 2016

Fashion Revolution Week 2016

The Fashion Revolution is a global movement designed to bring everyone in the supply chain together and help raise awareness of the true cost of fashion. On 24th of April each year, engaged participants come together in cites across the globe to demonstrate to the world that change is possible and to celebrate all the talented individuals involved in creating a more sustainable future.

In honor of Fashion Revolution Week 2016, The Style Source + Co partnered with the Atlanta Fashion Incubator to bring more transparency to the fashion industry by highlighting the talented makers that contribute to Atlanta’s thriving fashion community. Over the past week, I was welcomed into workrooms, studios, and factories in and around Atlanta to discuss the future and the business of fashion. After about eighteen hours of intimate and candid dialogue with three makers and producers this is what I have learned…

Find Pleasure In Your Work

Each and every one of the talented makers I had the opportunity to chat with found immeasurable pleasure in their work and encourage all fashion business leaders to do the same. The joy you find in the experience of creating reflects directly on the quality of the product or service you offer. Loving what you do makes new challenges exciting and eases some of the sacrifices associated with entrepreneurship.

Commit to Finish

Almost doesn’t count and there is nothing as fulfilling as finished. Each of the makers I met with feel incredibly accomplished when the garments developed by their hands are brought to market and worn. Every action and every stitch demonstrates a commitment to finish. The results and the feeling of accomplishment began with a relatively simple decision to finish the job.

Details Make the Difference

Always be mindful of what makes your brand unique because those details make all the difference. Every pattern, label, and stitch should align with the brand aesthetic and standard of quality. Establishing and expounding upon the details that make your brand unique enable customers to become better acquainted and connected to your business.

Relationships are Everything

The success of any business depends on team members and relationships. The people that align with you to realize your dream and fulfill your vision have the potential to determine the success or failure of your business so be sure to align with people whose insights and talents compliment your own.

Go the Extra Mile

Providing exceptional service and superior products demonstrate your commitment to excellence so whenever possible go the extra mile. The best and most basic way to do this is to anticipate the needs of your clients and offer valuable solutions.

I’d love you hear from you… What did you learn from Fashion Revolution Week 2016?